Medical Cardiology

Tri-City Cardiology physicians offer world class care in medical cardiology. Heart disease accounts for one out of every four deaths in the United States, making it essential to receive a thorough professional evaluation of your cardiovascular health. Whether you have risk factors for heart disease or have already experienced a heart attack, medical cardiology services from the experts at Tri-City Cardiology will provide essential information about your health.

Managing Your Cardiovascular Risk

Tri-City Cardiology offers a range of services to assess cardiovascular risk. After a thorough office appointment with a board-certified physician, the doctor will recommend tests and health management options tailored to your needs. This may include diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes designed for lipid and cholesterol management. In other cases, medications for anti-coagulation management (sometimes called “blood thinners”) or regulating lipid and cholesterol levels may be appropriate. Physicians at Tri-City Cardiology are also specialists at cardiac sleep disorder assessment, identifying sleep problems that may be impacted by cardiovascular health.


Managing Cardiac Conditions


Tri-City Cardiology also offers services for individuals who are experiencing heart failure and other cardiac problems. The practice is accredited for heart failure management, providing services that improve outcomes and facilitate strong clinical care. In addition to these cardiac management options, the experts at Tri-City Cardiology also offer world class emergency heart treatment.

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